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Techsol Engineering Inc. :: Android OS : GNU/Linux OS (Angstrom, Debian, Yocto) : Free/Libre & Open-Source Software (FLOSS) : ARM architecture


Techsol Engineering has physically moved approximately 410 metres southwest to a new building. Only our physical (not electronic) contact information has changed. The Contact page has been updated.

Electronic Design Solutions

Techsol Engineering is a company with a rich history of innovation in embedded technology. We help our clients deploy more competitive products in their established markets, and also new designs for emerging applications and next-generation products, through our one-stop concept-design-manufacturing capabilities.

Standard Products

Techsol Custom Product Design We specialize in delivering cost-effective, low-energy, and reliable performance for the embedded computing world. With our modular architecture of display, computer, and I/O/power boards, you can configure a touch-screen computer system to meet your needs from our stock, proven designs.
Our Products

Custom Product Design

Our clients seek high reliability, low energy usage, and pricing that drives their ROI. Our technology is designed for demanding, long-term, and frequently life-critical applications. We specialize in reliable solutions, rapid prototyping, and accelerated time to market. Our in-house designs include computer boards, power supplies, and wireless solutions, all developed from chip level up to meet our stringent quality, performance, and cost targets. And they're supported by Medallion GNU/Linux, the oldest ARM-Linux distribution around.
Our Services
Techsol Touch-screen Product Design

Production Services

Techsol Custom Product Design From our in-house, lead-free, robotic pick-and-place line, to partnerships with top-quality CMs, we can optimize your production process to meet your needs. Fluidly adapting the resources from prototypes (in-house) to high volume (outside) and everything in between (such as high-volume manufactured computer modules mated to your low-volume custom I/O boards built in-house), we can customize a production plan that meets your cost and volume requirements.
Production Services

Our Customers

Our clients range from startups to multi-billion-dollar world leaders. But they all share the same needs: they need to innovate to compete, and they have limited budgets and must spend wisely. We share the same design elements with all of our clients, so each client gains from all of our experience.
Needs ARM Linux computers

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