Custom Products

Techsol is an electronics design and manufacturing firm.

Our services range from Full Product Design, to Sales and Support of our Computer Modules in our Clients’ designs.

Clients have deployed products powered by our Medallion Computers in various applications, including: tracking heavy trucks; industrial HMI devices; corrosion prevention for nuclear power plant cooling pipes; payment terminals for printers in campus libraries; re-programming engine fuel-injection maps in rally cars;  instrumentation adapters for life-support stretchers for medivac helicopters; touch-control panels for building controls and lighting systems; and more.

Each project is unique. However our process is always focused on client success.

While you, our client, retains full control of how your product operates (through the application software you develop to run on it) and where (and by whom) it is operated (through your sales and installations and training), we enable your software teams’ success by adding any special Linux drivers that are needed (such as for unique OLED displays with non-standard interfaces, as one real-world example) and providing the software tools to build your customized Linux image, and your applications.

Our designs include computer boards, power supplies, and wireless solutions, many developed from chip-level in order to meet stringent quality, performance, and cost targets.

Designs are verified quickly with prototypes assembled on our own in-house, lead-free, Pick-and-Place assembly line.

Our Surface Mount robot at work