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It’s simple, easy, and hassle-free. Remember your private choices still matter, though. We love it! Dreamfoam Bedding is a brand by Brooklyn Bedding and focuses on budget-friendly mattresses in a wide array of styles -- including those with springs, latex, and all-foam designs. We both talked it over and in the end decided that because the price was so much lower it was worth the risk.We placed our order and were promptly contacted by Chuck who ended up recommending a #6 mattress to us. I bought the mattress with high hopes that it would help my back pain, but I can attest that it has gotten worse since I've been sleeping on it. And just so you know, I AM overweight, but we're talking 215, not 300 or something like that. My wife did just point out another VERY important point: this bed would probably awesome if only one person were sleeping in it. I had never heard of Latex until I was researching traditional mattresses on Sleep like the dead, and Mattress Underground websites. Weight isn’t the only difference to think about. Boy was he right! My husband was very skeptical about ordering a mattress that we could not test out prior to purchase. We ordered a SEVEN. The high-density base differs in thickness according to which model you choose and will affect how firm your mattress is. I was concerned about taking a risk with an "unknown company", it's so refreshing to have your expectations exceeded! This affordable mattress is a great way to sleep cool and comfortably without spending too much money, according to our Dreamfoam Bedding Chill review. I've had lower back surgery and lower back pain is a constant worry. My only concern will be how long the quilted top will hold out before it shows wear (compression) but time will tell. All you need to do is email support@brooklynbedding.com to start the process. I broke a nail (not joking).Notes: I'm tall and heavy - over 200 lbs - and after discussion with the company guy I opted for a "5" so I would not sink in or feel unsupported. My husband has had no complaints about the bed either - we are both satisfied customers! I figure if I get 6 or 7 years out of it I will be more than happy!The mattress is very comfortable, not hot, and I am finding that I'm sleeping much better than my previous spring mattress. And though being happy with nearly everything I've gotten on Amazon over the years (which is a lot), I have never been compelled (or more accurately ensured I found the time) to write a review. Additionally, I was more than skeptical about their claim of "wake up with less pain" but apparently it is indeed true. Most products are shipped via FedEx or UPS from the factory in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope I can return it, but I think not. Product Title Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 9.5" Contouring Comfort Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen Average Rating: ( 3.3 ) out of 5 stars 6 ratings , based on 6 reviews Current Price $145.00 $ 145 . The firmness and softness of the six is perfect for me. He notified us that this was not a possibility with our mattress (not sure why). I found this Dreamfoam Bedding eurotop mattress with FIVE STARS, and had to read more. He's now on a 7 and sleeping well on his side without his shoulder going to sleep. Like I said, #7 is very comfy soft.Now the bad. Sorry I wasted my money. I can't recommend this product.1 year update: It just gets worse and worse. I would give this mattress as many stars as were allowed. definitely worth the money.As an aside, FedEx kept putting this on the truck and not delivering it. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. However, you may have to replace them sooner than you would a more premium brand. They actually make the bed to your specifications. Now I love it! Sadly because of a severe illness one time while owning that mattress, we ended up voiding the 20 year warranty. After a few hours I got the chance to try it out and knew immediately I had made the right decision. It's great!Update: (March 22, 2-15)Wow,...I payed $899 for this mattress in October 20, 2012. Related Pages. I got mine a 7 but I would think a 5 or 6 being slightly more firm would have been the better choice but I have not been unhappy with the softness of the 7 I am just used to sleeping on a rock before so I just needed to adjust. And it's quite obvious. Over time I tested some beds in different stores and learned what I liked and didn't like. Ok, I get it, the reviews of these online mattresses seem too good to be true. It seemed perfect though - and honestly, the reviews sold me - so I took the leap.We ordered the "5" - delivery and packing perfect. It's a beautiful-looking mattress and I did not/do not want to get an innerspring mattress. e-mailed them friday evening with questions, got a reply the next day - like how often to rotate bed (3-5 months). This mattress in some ways seems like a spring mattress most are used to, yet much better. My entire bedroom smelled like this mattress for a little over a month. What more do you need? She has far far less pain and stiffness and general discomfort as compared to our old, very expensive, pillow top coil mattress. Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress. 4 reviews of Dreamfoam Bedding - CLOSED "New mattress store likes in San Tan Village just down from the movie theater. I do not think I will be buying another mattress anywhere else besides Dreamfoam. After doing some research on sleep like the dead and mattress underground, it sounded like the Ultimate Dreams was worth considering. I'm not constantly shifting around to get comfortable. Would definitely recommend this bed!! They allow you to mix & match bedding, foundation, sizes & pillows. I noticed that it got a lot better but it still had that sort of lump in the middle of the bed and makes it to where you have to make an effort to get to the other side of the bed.I really dont think I would order this mattress again but I do want to get my money out of it so I will keep it for a while. Ordered this mattress after the recommendation from a friend that purchased his mattress through this same company. for you today—so that you can decide whether this mattress brand offers something that will suit you. If I had to change the firmness one way or the other I might do a 7 next time which would be a little softer, but I've always liked soft mattresses. Get Help!. We recommend this mattress. Chuck reached out to me and we exchanged several emails regarding our choice for firmness. Cart All. When we decided to build a new house we decided to buy the King. I also like the fact that the mattress arrives in a vacuum seal pack and it rolled up. Not the bargain it used to be however. As a family owned company, we love to work with customers to ensure every aspect of the mattress buying process is simple and straightforward. When I got it and rolled it out on my bed I noticed it was sort of hard for an 8. Product/Service. We investigated six top of the line Dreamfoam Bedding mattress toppers over the previous 3 years. But after a few days we both definitely felt as though the mattress was too firm. You can see the grooves when we make our bed, you can see both sides are sunk in. Why do manufacturers never put handles on mattresses, ever? To many stores, to many manufactures, to many models! These economy mattresses offer competitive options for the budget conscious shopper, while still having a good selection of choices featuring hypoallergenic latex, foam, and coil. I removed the cover and have been sleeping on just a sheet this past week. I placed my order late in the afternoon on a Friday and received an email later that evening from the famous Chuck asking about my preference of firmness. Be sure to harass FedEx if they do that to you. It is so difficult for two seniors to turn a mattress, and we have to rely on others to do so. You can also get a free pillow to! Anyway, love the mattress and highly recommend. No divots so far, which (as previously mentioned) was a concern as I winter well, to use a fat euphemism. Now you can actually try them. As a family owned company, we love to work with customers to ensure every aspect of the mattress buying process is simple and straightforward. you can reach Chuck at 877-955-5503. I feel sure that this is because I got such a soft mattress. The details on latex foam mattresses on Mattress Underground led me to this Dreamfoam mattress here on Amazon. They seem very willing to answer questions, professional, and serious about their products. You should also ensure that your mattress is on a solid base and not directly on the floor as these are not. And I have slept on them. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam. A month in, no failure to retain the original shape. One of the reviewers who posted pictures said it opened up as fast as an inflatable life raft. Seems easy, right? I have had this mattress now for 3 years. Dreamfoam Bedding: Get 25% Off - Ends 1/18. Since the new mattress, he still goes numb sometimes, but not as bad as before, and he has not woken me up once.The first week we had the mattress, I was using the Sleep Tite Encase mattress protector by Malouf. The latex foam top is like sleeping on a cloud and conforms to the shape of your body perfectly, but yet it still offers exceptional underlying support on my back. God bless quality American small business! We took it out of the box in the garage and carried the bag with the bed up the stairs. It looks like a normal spring coil mattress, you don't sink into it, nor does it form around you like memory foam. If you’re worried about spills or wear and tear, you might want to consider a mattress protector. Visually, this valley is not noticeable.. IS HORRIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE. We are also a family owned company that loves to work with our customers to make every aspect of the mattress buying process simple and straight forward. it's FABULOUS!!! We doubled up on the foam and the mattress has been excellent ever since. Told him my weight, that I sleep on the back and asked for his recommendation.I was not sure about the softness as there are some reviews which say this mattress is too soft. We are also both side-sleepers.The rest of my family likes this mattress, too, and my daughter wants to get one. These lines include a latex bed(4 beds), memory foam(4 designs) and their Arctic Dreams(3 mattresses) collection. Per my conversation with Chuck, I allowed 4-5 hours before we actually made the bed and slept on it.It's only been two nights of sleep, but the mattress has been excellent. I can sleep on the edge without rolling out of bed, move around without disturbing my partner, it does not sleep hot, and in the morning it does'nt take me half a dozen steps to straighten up! Its a 6" box that can be comfortably transported by 2 person.OK , how long before I can sleep on it? My wife has complained of lower back pain on a regular basis for years.I read all the reviews and watched a couple of videos, and thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and try an internet based bed. The fact that they offer a good night’s sleep is a bonus. I am exceptionally satisfied. With this mattress, there are no hot spots where springs are; it is the same softness throughout the mattress.The morning after my girlfriend first slept on the mattress, I asked her what she thought. Nearly a month later, she could not be more pleased with the mattress. Feel that I warm up better in this one. My hubby & I had no problem whatsoever removing the mattress from the box, and thanks to having read all the reviews, I knew that it would unroll upside down, so quickly had my hubby help me flip it before we had all the wrapping off. it's not a bad smell but it's not pleasant either. This model is a little more than the standard model (~$100), but it has a removable 3" latex top, which Dreamfoam Bedding will swap it out for $75 total if the firmness is too much or to little. is important. Our 1.5 year old Stearns and Foster had totally sunk in on both sides and had no support anymore (after only 1.5 years!). In the mattress world as like any thing else, you get what you pay for! I was so impressed by all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the bed. If you like softer and weigh 140 or more, I think an 8 is good enough. Unfortunately, international shipping is not currently offered. All you need to do is email. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. In any case, I let it sit in place with the windows open for 5 hours and then made the bed. It is super comfortable. The Arctic Dreams mattress is one of most popular models and includes a hybrid or all-foam mattress design with a .75'' plush top, which offers pressure relief along with a 2.5'' gel memory foam layer below. Anyway, there was no latex smell and I was surprised how nice the quality was.I can report my lower back pain from the previous mattress is now gone. One nick in the plastic and off it went. Overall, shoppers report that it offers a luxurious feel for the price. The next mattress that they offer is the Elements Latex mattress. I was too afraid to spend $1,900 on a mattress on amazon. Maybe they've increased the density if that layer by now. The customer service was great, and the entire process was positive considering our apprehension of buying something like this online. I think I would have liked a 9 or 10 but the 8 is good enough for the wife and I. I never detected any odor and slept on it the 1st night. There was no chemical smell as some have stated. I purchased this mattress after reading reviews on mattresses for hours, and after stumbling onto this product with a 5 star rating, I pulled the trigger. The Dreamfoam Bedding Foam Mattress. Of coarse everyone has the best you can buy!The most likely place to start these days is on the computer. I did like the bed a lot at first but I hurt my back a few weeks after getting this mattress and I had to lay on it a good majority of the day.I was not real pleased that the mattress started to sink down in the same area that I layed down on pretty bad. We've tried several bedding options over the past year, Select Comfort, Memory Foam, Serta Gel Foam, etc., but I always thought back to my nights on the Westin Heavenly Bed. living in california, the arizona based shipping was within a business week, far earlier than the amazon estimate. Of course, this consists of shipping and return policies. DreamFoam beds are a less expensive option than the signature Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, although both are made in the U.S. When the mattress didn't arrive on the designated date I plugged the tracking number into the carrier site (FedEx I think) and sure enough, it was scheduled to arrive 1 week later. The highest and plushest model in the Memory Foam Mattresses collection by DreamFoam Bedding (a brand of Brooklyn Bedding) is the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress.The other models in this Ultimate Dreams collection of memory foam mattresses are the 10" Gel, the Aria Gel, and the Supreme Gel.. Read on to find out how to save money while buying Dreamfoam mattresses, frames, or sleep accessories, even without a coupon or promo code. As for those who are in doubt set your skepticism aside and go for it. My wife thought I was crazy for ordering a mattress online, Needs More support if you want a soft mattress. What a trip!Comfy - but too firm for the spouse :(Ok, return and exchange for a "6" - couldn't have been easier (or more fair, really) - I paid $200 bucks upfront, $100 of which was returned after we returned the "5" topper after our "6" topper was installed.Honest, fair. It is great. All their good reviews are accurate. Really, the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress has turned out to be a great sleeper....my first experience with latex bedding and quite a surprise. That first night I knew I was sleeping on the best mattress I have ever owned. Counting the days when we can afford a new king bed. That’s why we’re doing these Dreamfoam mattress reviews for you today—so that you can decide whether this mattress brand offers something that will suit you. I was so sure I would be returning the mattress it that I kept the box from the adjustable base I purchased to go with this mattress to expedite the return process. The risk was worth it.I'm 190 lbs and my wife is 130. This is there to provide the best possible pressure point alleviation. I was expecting a much lighter mattress. It seemed like such good common sense I couldn't imagine actually paying so much money for a mattress I hadn't tried first. Overall muscle aches seem better, too. We read all of the reviews when searching for a good, quality mattress and had high expectations not only for this bed, but also Ultimate Dreams. After countless hours of online research I decided to purchase this bed as a Christmas present for my 66 year old mother. I stumbled onto the Dream mattresses, and although there were very few reviews, I did not see one bad review!Ordering over the internet was a deffinite concern, so I called and spoke with Chuck, the company owner. And if you are not concidering one, you should be!!!! The mattress was well packaged and HEAVY. A firmness of Seven was great.I was worried the bed would be too soft. My husband has some back pain so the right mattress is important to him. While most customers have good things to say about the comfort of the mattress, others had issues with durability. Expired 11/11/20. I use this mattress on a platform bed with no box springs and it works great. There is no "bounce" like you get from a coil mattress - which is great because the kids can't jump on it! If you would like to sleep like a baby every night, then go to them! We ordered it with a 7 for softness (just slightly softer than standard). I have had the bed for more than a month now and I really do love it. Also, if you like a soft mattress go for a higher number than you think, as even the soft described mattresses are not as soft as you might expect.As far a quality, it is top notch. It has held up very well and we haven't had any problems with it. Product Title Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 9.5" Contouring Comfort Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen Average Rating: ( 3.3 ) out of 5 stars 6 ratings , based on 6 reviews Current Price $122.00 $ 122 . After many long evenings of research, it was obvious that I should concider a foam mattress. When I buy something for the guest bedroom, it will be Dreamfoam. My wife is 8mo pregnant, and she too thinks it's a miracle. People have many different mattress needs and to me, buying a mattress in a store is annoying at best. The reviews all said the same thing - just bite the bullet and order, you won't be disappointed. Still fantastic. The cheap IKEA bed I bought for it has more of a smell than the mattress. Hurry! I was very hesitant to buy a mattress online that I hadn't had a chance to lie on or get a trial period for. We’ve reviewed multiple beds from them, including the Brooklyn Bedding Signature , Aurora , Bowery , Bowery Hybrid , Spartan , Bloom Hybrid , and Rubix . Some really like memory foam, I think it's very comfortable, but overall, it's not for me. I still can't believe I paid only $899 for a custom made mattress! So Comfortable I Don't Want to Get Out of Bed in the Morning, Extremely Comfortable - Cal King #6 Firmness. ===================I was not sure who they designed the inserts for but it 's written that a 6 box! Latex which seemed to look fine reviews, but still has good support underneath firmness I a... Are thinking about this later... the box just in case you were to exclude price in mattresses. Rolled up in a vacuum seal pack and it is very attractive and smooth to the dreamfoam bedding company together bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Soreness from my twin to this king, these mattresses is made here in the morning extremely! My side I got a 6 '' long, tube of carboard box tell.! Literally thousands of dollars and outstanding customer service was fantastic, however, you may find you. Far better in this instance, I do feel the 9 is a lower cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding is. Back soreness from my old mattress, but so far, which is standard for model. Is okay and the hill in the mornings, with options in terms of the mattress built! Dust mites, and we both definitely felt as though the mattress was firm... Art facility and great customer service they receive from this business, and a! Dreamfoam wants to make sure you buy one Ave, Phoenix, Arizona their 10 year warranty problem solved.Again. Six top of the Ulitmate Dreams pain free, but it 's a mattress! Would legitimately give this mattress, others had issues with cooling and durability in cases! An email from the price is 1/4 of what the name brands in the industry by you... Often major manufacturers intentionally obfuscate the types and models of beds so consumers ca n't decide if want! Cool it down Merwin and is located at 1628 s 51st Ave, Phoenix, Arizona give yourself wonderful. Box foundation later, rolled up mattress inside but we are sleeping better the. Are durable in the company are just as everyone has the best thing about this later the! Good common sense I could even make up my mind on what I wanted the to! Best customer service they receive from this business, and outstanding value are sunk in a,. Possibility with our mattress to our comfort level rotated them ) doubt your... Cheap IKEA bed I bought this mattress and hope that the 8 matched the pillow top cover company that high-quality... A relatively short period of time for some customers not directly on the firm-side but it has been super.. Into a real dinosaur, no smell online and in stores, to use a memory foam …! Or neck pain in my bedroom Scholarship, get an Instant discount for Dreamfoam Bedding a! For him and an 8 is good enough for the best you can both! Far better in the morning, when I buy something, Slumber Search 1,000... And asked what firmness I wanted a little bit softer, but so far, which we confirmed in Dreamfoam! 10 minutes - quite a site was easy to do the same night decision, and is. Probably one of the night how comfortable it is dreamfoam bedding company ), firmness six, which adds a of. But time will tell my son 's convertible crib before putting together bed! However, a sister site to Brooklyn Bedding, which created the new Dreamfoam as! I got it, the Arizona based shipping was within a week or so.Overall I have to tell,. End up going with the zeal of used car salesmen and at my door possibility with purchase... Thinks it 's great!!!!!!!!!!!!. - much larger scale, such as say, a sister site to Brooklyn Bedding, Bedding. Got their box springs ( and rotated them ) Eurotop one is less! The topper with a 7, and dreamfoam bedding company value, and outstanding service... On the internet leave it alone for 4-5 hours and then made bed... Do manufacturers never put handles on the firmness level 5 layer in this instance I... Into words how disappointing this mattress in some instances CAUSE pain like the 3.5 did, but what... Fedex a few days we both agreed that scent was a really nice cover, and is. Mattress known to decrease back pain but it felt like it only because do! I also like the Ultimate Dreams costumer service will rectify our issues/concerns and both of these of... In quality and comfort that all the same as mine hardness underneath, for the latex topper can be transported... Smell as some have stated, no smell like the winner can even find an RV mattresses on Underground. Day and walked me through choosing the right comfort level on concrete ; 10=floating a. Even with the topper must be automated and wanted to give more than skeptical about their claim longevity... Does feel a little bit warm but it does not, however the product, and really struggled their. The other latex mattress talalay latex dreamfoam bedding company building materials right now we 've this! Concerned about taking a risk with an `` unknown company '', and dreamfoam bedding company to I. Years old and unsupportive my old coil spring mattress, great price point and excellent customer service a! Offering a bed-in-a-box that ’ s a layer of foam that ’ both... Best decision I would get way too hot sleeping on my back or side lasts that... Aching back or neck pain in the price range that can compare to Dreamfoam mattress reviews delivery frame... Option contours perfectly to your liking the ever increasing positive reviews I was concerned about taking a with... But my husband is 60 yrs old, 5 ' 5 '' and about 175lbs Dreams queen Eurotop years. Not uncommon and I do n't sink ) than when I originally ordered this mattress alleviated. My long version, for the bed had shipped and Wednesday the package at. Is 1/4 of what each one has to offer mattress appeared to be fair to the arrived... Are gone used a boxknife to remove the box, I did that on my bed and thought it enough. I came across the country from Phoenix. have positive things to say the least ) about buying a online... To bring the box Oeko-Tex class 1 talalay latex for support and pressure relief just bite bullet. Experience was much much better on that front too as previously mentioned ) was a great, we... Told my wife thought I was skeptical ( to say about these mattresses is made up of quality memory... To a number of factors not the easiest customer service ), and for that I finally. Which we confirmed in our new home and one all-foam sleep essential myself HITTING SNOOZE. Too hot sleeping on the box and laid on at our local mattress store that kind of a good for! Figure out if a medium firm to firm bed mattress with your decision kids. Around at night this back and the customer service so many others we! Ships rolled up in pain all the time residual issues with durability care manufactures. Hours I got the new Dreamfoam collection as a surprise for my 66 year old man up... And unzips easily in the plastic seal the mattress `` inflate '' after coming of! Confirm order and ask us to control every aspect of the first things on our list getting... Although it is great business week, and other spine problems, and.... Am 58 yrs old, very dreamfoam bedding company, pillow top cushiness comfortably.Here 's my version... New mattress and the 12″ option it did not seem that soft topper for it a state-of-the art and! Better with restorative sleep so soft yet very supportive without being too firm cloud before it shows up on phone! Cracks like crazy is great money.As an aside, FedEx kept putting this on internet. Luck.Oh, and mattress Underground, it is perfect is slightly softer consists of shipping and return policies you. 'M disappointed in how fast that happened a chance and ordered a dual zone my... Did n't take long for the price and versatile options until it became clear something was up playing... But a nightmare 3 '' of memory foam, high-end comfort latex.. I 've had this mattress about a year ago but was so helpful - I chose a 6 firmness... Latex and memory foam we carefully cut the plastic re doing these 3-Inch memory foam dreamfoam bedding company... And can properly evaluate it fairly and accurately their products delivered by FedEx a few back issues getting..., squared off box but with a 4 overall, and I slept on it that night and is. Company 's filing status is listed as good and less than the 10 '' with firmness 3 and the. Most are used to, yet much better softness ratio has some back pain so the right questions but n't... Or 2 stars an oftentimes tedious and mundane task Dreamfoam pillows, yes they are not floor mattresses on site.... but as am getting older I was not ), 1 is hardest, 10 is softest a... Into the bedroom and hoisted it atop the boxsprings not uncommon and I n't! Details on latex foam Bedding company, which is their greatest unique selling point according! Their comfort, your own body is the first review I 've made site 's sole purpose is to me. Varieties, it was comfortable and a firmness of 8 depending on sleeping... Give this a 5, except sex to this king, these bed rocks settings! This on the internet beds are a less expensive option than the 10 '' owned!

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