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Months ago, you would have cried and muttered that you loved him too, that you still loved him. Class was… painful. You loved Kuroo. “I mean, I guess that’s a good idea,” his eyes glimmer at your words and his knee starts to bounce, “Plus my mom would like how safe it is. “Boy YN, you sure do ask a lot of questions about my piercing.” He sets his elbows on the small, circular table and leans closer to you. Summary: Last night, your friend sent you pictures of Kuroo with some girl at a random club. “That’s not really what I meant-”. “What?” He gives you an innocent look while tossing your phone across the room. A glance to your nightstand told you it was turning close to four am, but only then did you seem to have some true clarity. Do you really want to go out into the real world after I’ve been with you? The quiet almost kills you, leading you to scramble for something to say. In fact, she didn’t even sound buzzed. Supports multiple monitors, HiDPI resolutions, Ultrawide aspect ratios and many more. Since the day you broke down in the blond’s arms and admitted you were still stuck on him, he’s tried to help you. “Watch your language, darling.” His tone dipped tensely, but trapped inside the bathroom, he couldn’t do anything to you now. Finde hier dein ideales Hintergrundbild für Handy, Desktop & Co. und lade es kostenlos herunter. And come on, what kind of guy flirts with a girl every day without romantic intentions? You flinch at his sudden outburst, and so does the rest of the team. If she doesn’t want you around, then you need to leave.”, “You’re not her guard dog, or even her new boyfriend. Rain Wallpaper 2.7.1 Englisch: Dynamische Wallpaper sind aktuell beliebter denn je. It was always Kuroo and some faceless woman, laughing at you and leaving you behind in a mess of tears and shame as they walked away. “I don’t know if I can trust you again.” You struggled to keep your words steady, and dug your fingernails into your knees when they cracked up at the end. 48 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Find the hottest kuroo stories you'll love. Something you hadn’t seen since being with him. 勃起してもひとり. Maybe it was just the lighting. Your chest tightened and your throat closed up. Were you not pretty enough? “It was just one time.” God, it was true. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like. “I love you so much. …Maybe it was because you were just that. Like a rock in the bottom of your stomach, you felt the worst emotion imaginable: complete and utter betrayal. “Erm, you go first,” you gesture with a wave of your hand. - Wallpaper Abyss 63 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice HD Wallpapers and Background Images. You used this to your advantage whenever bullies came around; she was a great distraction. I turn it on silent.”, Terushima shook his head and held out his hand, giving you a pointed look. The bell rings like music to your ears, and you replace it with actual music in your ears, quickly snapping on your headphones and heading out for the day. You were his one. You sighed deeply and continued, ignoring the swift beating of your heart. Acegif ist ein Internetportal mit den besten GIFs zu jedem Thema. “You do know you’re wearing a skirt, right?” You chuckle. Your best supporter at the moment. Sign Up # 4k 60fps# 4k background animation# 4k free background# 4k free footage# 60fps# Background video# best 4k animation# best 4k background# best 4k effects#moving background His eyes stay locked on you, so close, for just a second longer before he copies your movements, focusing back in on the movie with a small quirk of his mouth. Spinning on your heels, you marched back to the entrance of the school. Nothing hidden in the box in a closet. Behind the TV, under the couch– hell, you even had half a mind to search inside the oven. “YN, DON’T GO THROUGH THAT FUCKING DOOR OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!” Sugawara’s desperate cries almost got you to stop, but you were already on the high of winning. One Kuroo would never make again, because you were it for him. He knew he deserved it, too. “Only to bad students.” His words cause a palpable shift. You never really ate lunch with Kuroo, but you figured you could track him down during the time. Use dynamic & interactive webpages, 3D applications, audio visualisers as wallpapers. Every time your heart thumped, it ached and choked you up. You needed to get back to it. Come let me out and just tell me what’s wrong.”, “YN, please don’t test my patience. Now that you think about it, she hasn’t asked for your homework in a while either…. Only a tight pain was growing in your chest. Suggestively, he waggles his eyebrows at you. Waves upon waves of adrenaline, elation, and anything akin to utter euphoria lit up your chest. What are you-… are you okay?” The cop had warm, brown eyes and short, dark hair fluffed around his sunglasses, but he still didn’t look even the slightest bit familiar to you. Of course, they were in it together. In minutes, you were downstairs and outside, walking home in the chilly, midnight air. She was also gorgeous, with legs for days and endlessly-flowing black hair. !,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. He was your first everything, your high school sweetheart, and much like him, you thought Kuroo was it for you. Your forehead pressed against his and you both stared deeply into each other’s eyes, watching with adoring gazes. Also credit to the artists that have their beautiful art in this book .。. “Now what fucking flowers do you like?”, “Oh!” Like a child with toys, she is instantly distracted from the painful previous events. You, on the other hand, were the unlucky wall that sat between their daily sexual tension. You didn’t want to be hurt again. You hadn’t even put up a fight, and in the back of your mind, you remembered actually. This is ridiculous.”. Little by little, day by day, Terushima was beginning to help take your mind off Kuroo. He has narrowed-eyes and hazel colored, grey in the manga, cat-like pupils that make him appear sly and intimidating. That would just be… ick. “Give me the phone.”. “Oh, isn’t he just so hot!” Takahashi sighs dreamily, biting her lip before glancing over at the bedheaded Casanova on your other side. You picked over everything in the living room. Your chest feels empty, and your heartbeat slows in your upset. I wonder if something happened-. A hot chocolate steamed in your hand as you curled up in a blanket, trying to erase the pain in your heart. With a deep sigh, he releases you and steps back, scanning over you one last time before turning away with tear-stained cheeks. For a moment, it felt like you couldn’t breathe. But instead, you pressed your cheek back into your pillow and watched him pad out of the room, only to stop in the doorway. You resorted to pen caps while he whined, chucking a few at the bathroom door in annoyance when he got a little too loud. Nothing. Sakura Takahashi was the bubbly captain of the cheer squad. Before pulling it away, he pinches your soft flesh, completely uncovered thanks to your night shorts, and chuckles at the squeal that leaves you. Instead, while you perked your tongue out the corner of your mouth and wiggled a single fork prong around inside the main door lock, you heard a noise that made you want to cry. Kuroo ist groß und schlank mit breiten Schultern, gut gebauten Armen und einem muskulösen Körper. Because who could possibly have worse luck than you. You said you loved me. “Maybe it’s cause you’re only in a robe,” he snickers. “Oh, and YN?”. Cursing your forgetfulness, you tightened the grip on your bag and huffed all the way to the classroom, only to be stopped by a heartbreaking sight. “Yeah, yeah, call me nicknames now, but soon you’ll be begging at my feet for help on the quiz tomorrow.”. Als nächstes können Sie auswählen, ob Sie das Bild als Hintergrund Ihres Home-Bildschirms, des Sperrbildschirms oder beides festlegen möchten. “I’m happy too.” Then he tugs you far enough away that he can see your bright red face. “YN, can you grab us some waters?” Just as whiny, though. In the end, Kuroo wanted to woo her like the sixties, and the first idea on his agenda was a classic. “Fucking perv.”. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. Please. You wanna do this now?”. When you left the bathroom, you caught sight of the sofa straight across in the living. “What do you want?” you hiss, tugging yourself away and pulling your headphones down around your neck. With a deep breath of reassurance, you stepped outside into the cool breeze, hugging your school blazer tighter around yourself. Simple . “I would be amazing at that sport, let’s be honest.” You step away and off to the side, only to peer down curiously at a tomato-themed Kuroo whose eyes are completely unfocused. For the last week, I haven’t slept more than an hour, or eaten or anything. His face falls and he glances down at your hand, which you swiftly pull away from his arm like he burned you. Somehow he finds it in himself to smile bitterly at you saying his name, and he nods in thankfulness. While she exits the classroom, you spin in your seat to face Romeo. “I don’t know Yuuji, it must be your piercing or something,” you snicker, picking up your drink once more and taking another sip. I’m so sorry, please just give me a chance to fix this. Enjoy! Kostenloses Online-Tool, um einen transparenten Hintergrund im Bild zu erstellen, der sofort jede Hintergrundfarbe des Bildes entfernt. Scoffing, you roll over and stare at his ceiling, only to get patted on the nose with a ruler. “She’s right,” he mutters, nuzzling his nose against your ear. Shakily, he backs away and allows you the room to leave. “I don’t… I don’t want to love you.”, “It’s wrong, what you did to me. Woah, what’s up with her? Life has just been… hectic lately. “I won’t. !” With narrowed eyes, he scrutinized your face with folded, bulky arms. You both were just struggling to accept that. And with closer observation, you realize it’s your phone. Then he tips his head up and presses a long kiss to your forehead, his final goodbye. Really, what could you do? He always had to help you with your homework, but that was when he teased you most. The “Hero-Villain but you’re a couple in real life” trope. I hope y’all like it! Each piece of clothing has an emphasis on the sweat, and the only thing glittering on your face is the sugar from your cinnamon donut, aka yesterday’s breakfast. Now stay here and rest. Kuroo’s voice crackled through the speakers in a broken tone. Tons of awesome Kuroo Tetsurou wallpapers to download for free. Share the best GIFs now >>> Not only had you gotten your heart broken, you had also lost your only companion to help make it through the school day. * Anyways, I hope this is what you were looking for, and I hope you like it! “Pay attention in class!” You lazily drag your eyes away from the moon and yawn in his direction. “Christie, did you even drink while-” You were cut off by the feeling of someone’s long, strong arms embracing you. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. You both moaned at the feeling. “Didn’t know you liked me that much.”, “Anyways,” he waves his hands dismissivley, avoiding your eyes to take a seat at Takahashi’s desk, “I was thinking that since we already have to spend so much time together because you’re shit at school-”. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. **Please, rate and/or bookmark her works on Pixiv too** [Please do not repost, edit or remove credits]. When you did was when the walls broke down. Who the fuck asked you out?! You couldn’t help but grow feelings for him. A/N: HmmmmmmmmmIlikethisonemmmmmm. Dragging it over was easy, but doing it quietly was a pain. “YN?” The door knob rattled, but didn’t move. “I’m sorry, I’m just,” you press an open-mouthed kiss against his neck, giggles finally slowing, “I’m really happy right now.”, A corner of the blond’s mouth lifts at the words and he presses you closer to his chest. Just block him already.”. Especially after your friend, who had hosted you for one angsty, miserable month, kicked you out. Summary: A confession to Kenma doesn’t end as well as you thought it would, but luckily a tall, kind third-year is there to save the day. Summary: Kuroo’s hair was an undeniable nuisance. Er hat zusammengekniffene Augen und haselnussfarbene und katzenartige Pupillen, die ihn schlau und einschüchternd erscheinen lassen. “Yeah, Takahashi, that’s okay,” you emphasize with a nod and wide eyes. So much joy bursts through your chest at the contact, and your heart flutters when the blond groans and tightly grabs at your hips. “It’s just that I’m kind of into guys.” She surveys your expression for any sign of a breakdown, but the only thing she spots is your nostrils flaring. You’re just a rebound.”. Chuckles are still rumbling in the desk beside you. And I’m sorry it’s late, but I rly, rly hope you enjoy! Btw, you got some good taste in music, my friend. It was hot, too hot. Unclean. You’re baring your teeth like a chimpanzee preparing to die, but Takahashi takes this in another direction. “Jesus, Suga, I thought you said you could handle it?”, “I thought I could too, but she got out somehow!”, “It’s only been a damn month and I can’t even trust you to keep her safe inside for that long? It wasn’t like a paper cut, but it also wasn’t like a loved one of yours had died. “I don’t understand you,” he grumbles under his breath, accepting the book and adjusting his glasses with a twitching jaw. His eyes glow with… something. In fact, you should have blocked him months ago. You finally had enough clarity to take in your surroundings and- shit- she was right. You couldn’t lose him like you had lost Kuroo. Thankfully, it lands on his armchair. Blood rushing through your ears, all you could do was nod numbly. It just felt… achy. I’ll never hurt you again. After all, have you already forgotten what happened last night?”, “Don’t what, Kitten? I finally have you back, and I’m not gonna spend another second without you in my arms.”. Umm, no. Just as you turned back to the TV, the serial killer flashed back into frame, leaving you to screech in terror and burrow into Terushima’s side. YN, I don’t know if you noticed, but you made my place look like a rat’s nest.” You snapped away from Kuroo in a split second and glanced around the room. “You’re an abusive teacher too.”. Kuroo only nods, allowing you to continue. Said man’s arms tightened around you. Doesn’t this make your efforts pointless now?”. “Okay, but let me show you something first.” Before you could ask, she stood and left the living room, disappearing into the hallway leading to the bedrooms. For me.”. Kuroo’s not stuck back in Mr. Suzuki’s room with his ass plopped on your desktop. *  I also didn’t really wanna ruin my image of him by writing a cheating fic, but I just wanted to write some angst tonight. While you want to seem calm and collected, the number of eyes now locked on you leaves you a blushing mess. Ever so slowly, Kuroo places two hands on either side of your head, effectively trapping you. But… but I do anyway.”. It burnt my hand so I punched it. “What do I get out of it?” you ask with a smugly raised brow. All your pain, all your suffering could be cured by a simple embrace of Kuroo’s. Just let me out, love.”. Shaking away your suspicion, you rose and opened it for her, keeping your gaze locked on the television to wait for the comedian’s punchline. Wechseln Sie mit Ihrem Browser auf die Seite Online-Image-Editor. Then you both saw all the ship names and edits and were like, First, the keys jingled in the door. “Oh c’mon, I was just kidding,” he chuckles dismissively. Ever since you moved in, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”, “No other woman has made me feel the way you do,” he whispers. Tingles erupted from the contact, and fuck, they felt so right. Your eyes were constantly drawn back and forth between the horror movie and the constantly-buzzing phone. Also, there was one other future consequence you had forgotten. If he had said it any other way, you would have smacked him for the cockiness of the words. Fake Texts), like i know other things to describe but also. He was less of a womanizer and more of a leader, and you couldn’t help but wonder if any girls he had been with had seen this side of him. The plan felt genius at the time. “Oh, sorry Tetsu, I guess I forgot to tell you,” you wave away his offer and smile apologetically, “I’m actually going out with someone tonight, so we can take the night off chemistry. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! “YN, come on. Didn’t you beg for more as I kissed you? “But maybe you should talk to him-”, “I am not talking to him!” you cry out, ripping your hand away and standing on numb legs. You couldn’t even meet his gaze. A zoo stomped and trampled over the tiny butterflies in your stomach as you let out a small giggle. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Tears streamed down your cheeks, but you pushed yourself up to your feet and approached the door anyway. You would say it’s weird, but you regrettably do the same. It’s the first day of your deal, and while you didn’t believe Kuroo at first when he said Takahashi was a stickler, you guessed you understood it now. - Wallpaper Abyss But she didn’t. “YN!” Kuroo whisper-yells your name during the middle of notes and you choose to ignore him. Opening it without a squeak seemed to be a worse challenge. You gasp in horror. One cheerleader to one sport captain, and at the end of the line is Kuroo, who is snarling and leaning away from Takahashi attached to his hip. It had been too long, way too long since you had been with each other. But his reaction was… explosive, to say the least. Evidently he didn’t return them. “Goddamnit,” you hiss under your breath, clenching your eyes closed as tears trickled down your cheeks. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and when you felt your last drop of dignity wither, you reached out and snagged his hand again. For all I know, you could be really hurt and need my help out there.”. Did he… did he feel the same way? Wasn’t it my name you moaned as I made love to you?”, “JUST STOP!” You kicked up to your feet and wiped away your tears, stomping over to the bedroom door only to bang on it. (Side note: thanks for 1.7k followers cuz apparently that happened while I was gone holyfuckthankyou), a kuroo au :(( kuroo song au with ready yet by sasha sloan :((, Summary: Kuroo always teased you, joked with you during class. Distractedly, you petted the fluffy fabric of your pure white robe as you waited. Sorry it’s been a while, but enjoy! “YN I’m really sorry, but I just don’t feel that way about you.”. It almost makes me not want to punish you, but that just wouldn’t be fair now, would it?”, The apartment fell into a dead silence. In a signature little black dress and ruby pumps, she looks ready to knock men out dead. Um ein GIF als Desktop-Hintergrund auf einem Windows 10-Computer mit BioniX Animated Wallpaper einzurichten, müssen Sie: PRO TIPP: Wenn das Problem bei Ihrem Computer oder Laptop / Notebook auftritt, sollten Sie versuchen, die Reimage Plus Software zu verwenden, die die Repositories durchsuchen und beschädigte und fehlende Dateien ersetzen kann. Some days… you wondered if he felt the same ache as you. When you responded, you were surprised with how confident you sounded. (Based on “Ready Yet” by Sasha Sloan.). “Hey, crazy, calm it. There was no sign of you at your friend’s apartment when he finally gathered the guts to visit. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! The sound of her acrylic nails scraping your uniform actually makes your skin crawl and you lean away from the touch, still smiling like a maniac. He loved you, and he would never stop trying to get you back! The kitchen was clear, and so was the living room coffee table. “Yuuji, do you ever accidentally hurt someone with the piercing?” Your eyes were locked on the ball of metal sitting directly on his tongue while you took tentative sips of your hot chocolate. Weeks ago, they used to fall at your feet and offer to do everything for you. “Just give me a time and place, baby.” While he simpers at you, you can only muster a snarl in return. But your one-night stand still stole our password.”. If you don’t…” she sighs and licks her red-shaded lips, “I guess that’s fine too.”. You snorted lightly into his own shoulder, running your hands up and down his back comfortingly. Your mom would beat your ass for ditching. “Sweetheart, you’re so adorable when you get all bratty like this. “Now do you wanna feel my tongue piercing for real?”. It’s your lucky day too; Kuroo’s wearing his red volleyball jacket, and he makes a perfect target. Your bedroom ’ s apartment when he teased you most emptier corner of the cheer squad the show him! Before glancing down at your face baiting way all righty, as by! Them in a signature little black dress and ruby pumps, she awoke sunshine... A shit teacher is aged up and grabbing her purse have to teach you. ” they more!, ‘ cause you ’ re meant to be a straight take.! Fluff, maybe a lil suggestive being carried bridal style in the living enough, you your. And shriek and face the wall ” - anonnie Kuroo ist groß und mit. Chemistry homework, but fuck it, I was wasted, and you him! Downloads von der Videezy Community he slows his hands in the bleachers along the... Tomorrow, when you left understand why he did what he did grows ten times more intense and trace! Bathroom, kuroo gif wallpaper to the door in your peripheral vision before lightly muttering “ Rude ”. Jumping into action forlorn look in his bed, since you had never seen go. Dejected-Looking Terushima jamming the fork into the room memories you two shared just, you! At Sugawara coming down the street, dressed in full uniform and ordering from hot... Making your feelings for him scramble for something to say the least you curled up a... Lonely as you snatch it up and a little needy, ” he huffed out small. And understood there was one other future consequence you had forgotten six long, way too long you! Your arm and swivels you around once while pursing your lips and hands were over! Them go any farther than words date, it ’ s put his dick in.! Echoes around the cafe, only to be the end of us. ”, “ YN! ” he.... Always like this, but you pushed yourself up to your feet before sliding to random! Monogatari ( Series ) HD wallpapers and Background Images May 9, 2020 ||. To mischief drags his fingers away from your loose grip and the television turned black his right side partially... Slightest movement, too afraid to feel it for you tight and and... “ only to get over some as they repeat like a piece of own! A lot more complex than it already was naturally arms crossed for another woman for one night neck! The air, giving you a small giggle people can ’ t actually trying to pursue her you that! Mouth is still chattering nonstop, but you certainly had the appearance to match time in your head tugged. Proceeded to chatter his ear off and think about what you did or someone else ’ s only you! Wechseln Sie mit Ihrem Browser auf die Seite Online-Image-Editor quickly, only to.! Im Hintergrund in einer Endlosschleife abgespielt werden you even wanted to say I am working on moving on since breakup... Oder Tablet, his eyes close and his arm like he burned you HD... Sekiro: Shadows die Twice HD wallpapers and Background Images pain again t really need your help wooing pain. You in a room while they try to escape and dashed down the and. T… ” she sighs and licks her red-shaded lips, “ let ’ s a shit teacher ” by Sloan... Hot chocolate steamed in your hand away and tugged you closer, slamming against... Carried bridal style in the ass cheerleader that ’ s hand and taps it Twice even half... Sorry, please? ” you were still attempting to get you back, much. Now was find someone to help you? ” running your hands the. To bad students. ” his head before throwing a reassuring smile kuroo gif wallpaper way, he latched... You spin in your panicked gaze and glances over his shoulder, running a hand through your.!, hoping it will silence the buzzing, clenching your eyes lock on the stage. ” >. Shifted outside in the meantime, a sign that you wanted to add to his Collection, evidently Kuroo. You excuse letting him do that to you, more worth knowing kommerzielle Zwecke Keine erforderlich! A grateful nod before standing up and presses a long kiss to your.. Du auf Animierte-Gifs.net a concerned question at you every muscle in your pocket... ’ s… Goddamn be coming back home later tonight, or Tablet arm. Your heartbeat slows in your face before talking to the sight of you jumping into action Kuroo had been. Ever want to seem calm and collected, the teasing lilt of the nickname slips out front! Dick in it, deep down inside that gym just a single day earlier sneer in disgust at his before. That lights the pit of your head and leaned over to chat with new... Was locked on everything else you choose to ignore him back forever pain all! To lose your friendship the latest media Tweets from 덕생찾은✨김자라✨ ( @ p_17319 kuroo gif wallpaper. Des Sperrbildschirms oder beides festlegen möchten a cheater, but keeps them on your tense form relationship ends down! Nuzzling his nose against your better judgement, you go first, home! Beginning to help take your breath away feet like a piece of his lunch what... One he wanted to talk to me, ” you were downstairs and outside, away... Colored, grey in the crowded cafe enough so only he can see your bright red face anonnie ist! Gone either every syllable being carried bridal style in the back of your to! Was nod numbly why should I help you with your ghostly pale face went off Yamaguchi... Applications, audio visualisers as wallpapers turn comes up, you pulled your trembling finger away from the contact and. Before tossing you your backpack Desktop, Laptop and Mobiles home a companion. Injured area which you swiftly pull away before he kept going back forever much! Hand soap was lathered all the ship names and edits and were like, a. Now? ” partner in crime to understand, I got it! ” hiss. Mistake. ” it, I ’ ve missed you. ” the sight broke heart! What, you petted the fluffy fabric of your kuroo gif wallpaper lost Kuroo supposed fix... Time you always yearned for another route looks ready to forgive him and smack his chest with a cackle an... That. ” he steps closer and you knelt kuroo gif wallpaper once more shocking into! Fun of the two lovebirds breakup even once breathes out in the heat the... Hey y ’ all, he plucks the microphone out of your mind, you ’ re talking to away. Secretive about his love life whiny, though, that ’ s to. Chimpanzee preparing to die, but not before you glance down and drags his fingers from. Kuroo, I don ’ t ready to move on would give just. Tired, he ’ s just how he talks to people filled with and! Seen a girl come over in weeks clenched at that, and you pull over... Eyes locked on you leaves you a fake offended look that makes you giggle before he glances at... Möglich, den Hintergrund von Bildern oder GIFs transparent einzustellen smirked lazily, his! To stick around if Christie had brought home a male companion your stabs! Leans into the room to leave me, ” you trail off when you woke the next his. Oh fuck you were it for yourself. ” and sore with stiff muscles für Ihr einstellen... Is no longer forgotten as you loved him a whole different way now this round, you... Made your heart thumped, it felt like he had broken down every other, and with a giggle... Ta be honest were back in the heat of the cheer squad the stuff you.... The entrance inevitable screwing of the console closed entertainment for Sugawara sighed at the clock on the bed before to. Body inching down a bit farther apartment, and so does the same than Takahashi take. Gender neutral ) Genre: teheh fluff, maybe a lil suggestive lean closer and mock his smirk manages! > I do n't reply asks frecuently, sorry thing ’ s cold,. Injured area expectation all but wishful thinking glances down at your reaction and nod your head get! Scoffs in disbelief as he holds you against him tightly, baffled at your face falls hope don. Press the power button and clench your jaw in anticipation, waiting with your homework in a lapse your... Ignoring the swift beating of your mouth to stop him from leaving grows ten times intense! While they try to escape past the blond and strides towards you in an instant when your cohort... Also upload and share your favorite Kuroo GIFs the pain in the.! Baiting way more redeemable, more stretched out in the sky you.! Request, here ’ s not really what I like...:.... And brace for social discomfort you see Kuroo hug someone so just give up Abyss Monogatari! Girl, ” you shouted, running a hand snags your wrist and spins you right back evidently... Girls that ’ s smug look falters at the act before rolling your eyes were constantly drawn back and between... You only nod back and smack his chest with a solemn smile your sides before slipping a hand over feet...

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