We are a specialty engineering firm committed to advancing our customers’ business in commercial, industrial, automotive, and medical segments.

Some of our Clients:


IIoT (Internet connected industrial controls)

Tens of thousands of installs, over 15+ years, into dozens of countries since 2003


Mobile IIoT (cellular connected monitoring)

Engineering support, Medallion computer modules,
Custom carrier board, custom power supplies, on-board GPS, Linux extensions for power management and reliability.

Thousands of installs since 2003

“New” generation mobile credit-card payment terminals

Linux 2.6 kernel and drivers for Samsung S3C2410a processors, drivers for 5.6” TFT LCD, SW & HW design support.
Complete package of Medallion Linux, Compilers and tool-chain, and new-product launch support.

This became the standard product platform, and the first Verifone terminal running Linux OS.


“New” generation payment terminals for fax and printing. 

A major product update, going from off-line, cash-only devices with character LCDs, to a modular board-stack within a custom plastic enclosure for the 5.7″ VGA TFT with RTP & LED-BL, with Internet connectivity (via RJ-45 and internal WiFi), supporting online payment options including credit and loyalty cards.
Plus a laser bar-code scanner for user cards, most commonly used for campus installations.