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Like Soundstripe, Artlist offers a subscription service that stays at a flat rate regardless of … Are or were you signed to a record label that can claim ownership? When I create this type of music, it’s good. Music supervisors aren’t looking for music that is popular, they’re looking for the best song to support the scene, so don’t be afraid to submit your older songs. Unlike the music industry, where the newest top 40 music rules the mainstream market, the world of sync licensing knows no time period. Let’s discuss a few examples. Each royalty is very small, but the websites have a large amount of end users, so the quantity of usages adds up. The Sync Center is a full-service music supervision and licensing company that has managed projects for hundreds of clients including national and global brands, agencies and cultural events. A lot of this music sounds like it was created specifically for sync-licensing. A master license gives you permission to use a recorded version of a song with either visual or audio media. Deezer4Artists helps to grow and maintain engagement between artists and fans. Publishing; Sync; Roster; Blog; Contact; Menu. These contracts are usually per song. I just had it in my library waiting for the right time for it to be used. Meshach Media is a Boutique style, full-service music sync, licensing and publishing company that specializes in securing music placement opportunities for independent Recording Artists, Producers, Composers and Songwriters. About Synchoney We are a music licensing company curated by a passionate team of musicians, composers, song-writers and producers.We work with the most creative and driven independent artists & producers to bring their music to life and make it available for music licensing. Relationships with the right people are notoriously closely guarded. I don’t claim to know everything about it, but I thought I’d share what has worked for me. They boast over 85,000 tracks … Sync licensing is quickly ramping upward, with artists capturing increased revenues. Sync Licensing for Indie Artists: Where To Start, How to be Productive with Music (And Sync Licensing) during COVID-19, How To Increase Your Spotify Plays Part 3 - Interview with Charles Alexander. Audiosocket provides music licensing for individuals and small businesses publishing their media online. Even something like your company’s end-of-year video necessitates a sync license if a copyrighted song is played behind it. You’ll really just have to keep submitting to companies until you find the right fit. A trusted sync agency representing independent artists Sync Licensing for TV, film, games & ads Sync Licensing for TV, film, games & ads. How to Submit Music to Micro-Sync Licensing Libraries. It is different from most music-licensing companies in that it does not represent any specific artists or catalog but exists to help ad agencies find the music they are looking for. Tweets by @tsmsayswhat . A lot of artists and producers chase the trends and often end up making a lot of mediocre music that doesn’t do well in an already competitive market. Start building up a catalog of recorded music that you’re proud of. Interested in placing your production or song in a movie or just want to say, "Hello"? This is a company generating serious growth in the sync market for artists, DJs, songwriters, publishers, and producers at all levels. In the last few years, there have been a lot mico-sync licensing companies created that are royalty-free for the end user. Menu. A lot of licensing companies like to see you as an actual artist rather than just someone that makes a bunch of library music. I also have a couple of other bands I release music under. I was a good fit for them at the time, and we’ve built a good relationship over the last three years. The Master License . When I’ve tried to create music that isn’t authentic to me, it was obvious, and it turned out to be a waste of time. As a result of the duplicity of music copyright, licensing turns into a diverse landscape on the artist's side. Music Licensing & Sync Licensing Companies: Our Top 5 Audiosocket. That's where Steele Sync comes in as your source for music licensing online. What’s more, sync licensing benefits smaller artists often overlooked by mainstream fans on streaming music services or radio. The clearest way to tell if a music licensing company respects the artists is by how much they pay. Most of my songs feature a singer, and I split royalties evenly with them. But the brands and producers seeking sync licenses are not concerned … These sites are much more accessible to independent artists. It’s important to release music as an artist. As with most investments that are successful, you have to be in it for the long game. Most micro-sync websites have a submission link. A lot of licensing companies like to see you as an actual artist rather than just someone that makes a bunch of library music. ... It’s important to release music as an artist. I often see new startup sites that need music to build up their libraries. B Blog. Simply getting your music in front of new people can be enough to grow your fanbase. Here in no particular order is a list of seven companies that help artists place their music in film, television, commercials, games, etc. These are mostly online companies that either offer a yearly or monthly subscription to the end user or sell low cost licenses per each use. I keep it down to no more than two other people that I’m splitting royalties with (sound recording and songwriting royalties). I first submitted nine songs to them about three years ago. Do your research! These include music licensing companies (sync agents), labels, music supervisors, and the directors at the top of the food chain. Particularly looking for synch-friendly songs we can place. AM "Born to Win" TSM Playlist. “One of the world’s greatest song catalogs with hits from top recording artists like Eminem, Elton John, and more. So, you never really know where your music will work. Last year, I got a larger placement for a show on HBO Spain. Play All; Pop-up Player . I’ve had one song get over 100,000 plays on Spotify because it was used in a popular Youtube show. A lot of artists that hire me to produce want to get into sync licensing, so I thought I’d write this to help. I’ve seen the minimum be from four to ten songs depending on the company. I release music as an artist and feature other artists that sing on the songs. I think it’s mostly just important to make sure your songs are great, marketable and something you could hear behind a video. News. These beat licenses can be used for commercial use and profit based on the terms of each rap beat lease license. Winner will receive a 4-hour block of studio time for free. Our provide music licensing company provides services for Films, television shows, video games and ads are consistently seeking new music, but you need to know where to look. Everyone’s path is different, and there are no definite ways to success in the music industry. So, there are a lot of opportunities out there. AWAL is a digital distributor collecting master (sound recording) royalties for artists. Some of them may not be taking new artists/producers, and some have a certain period each year when they’ll take submissions. That is pretty cool considering I never put any money or effort into marketing the release. Say hello… As a creator, the first thing to know about sync licensing is that there are two parts to every song: the master recording and the composition recording, and each has its own license. It’s important to know who owns your music. To clarify, Kobalt is a publishing company collecting publishing (songwriter) royalties for songwriters. Trusted by Fortune 50 companies, filmmakers, advertisers, networks, brand agencies, YouTubers and major film studios. Some of the great companies we've worked with. I’ve submitted to several other sites that said my music was not a fit. Sync licensing is a great way for artists to earn more from music. If you are unclear, you should consult a music lawyer. There are a lot of trends in sync licensing music for what type of music is being heavily used right now. In the past, a smaller amount of large companies did most of the sync licensing, and it was difficult to get into the business unless you knew someone at one of these companies. Sync licensing basics: what you need to know. Music supervisors will send out briefs for what they’re looking for, and usually they are very competitive and get a lot of submissions from companies that represent artists, producers and composers. Giving the audio editor this option makes it […], In such as male dominated business the female lead is getting more and more attention then ever. Other libraries are more artist-centered. Or is your music a collaboration with others? 2020 Howell Mill Rd, Suite 321Atlanta, GA 30188United States, Mathew Steele’s Top Ten Tips for Music Licensing, The Increased Prominence of Female Leads in Television and Film. Sync licensing is licensing your music to be used in any kind of product where music and moving images are used together (synchronized). Make sure it’s mastered properly and be sure to get an instrumental master of each of your songs. SOFI TUKKER "Best Friend" GMC. My niche is timeless and retro-influenced Pop and R&B music. An eclectic roster and promoting diversity of music. Also, make sure the instrumental versions of your songs sound great and can stand on their own. 1 Sync Licensing Marketplace: License your music into TV, film, ads and other media and keep 80% of your sync licensing fees and 100% of your performance royalties; 2 Music Monetization: Monetize and license your music into business radio, apps, and other platforms and keep 80% of any income. These companies handle the licensing, distribution, and administration of your music. Sync Licensing is a growing source of income for all musicians. Top 7 Music Licensing Sites. Publishing; Sync; Roster; Blog; Contact; Music publishing, made simple. Make sure it all sounds professional. Revenue from sync licensing holds an impressive… Read More. Modern music licensing catalog that licenses hand-picked emerging indie artists and high quality production music for film and TV, all pre-cleared. Anara Publishing work to seek the best sync licensing opportunities for your music. and how the song is used (e.g., if the song is the focus of a major motion picture, the placement can secure in excess of $100,000, where a piece being used for only a few seconds as background may only be worth a couple hundred dollars). I like the companies that focus more on artist music. Browse our featured work As the music industry is constantly shifting, there are no set rules. If you don’t own 100% of your recordings, you have to get permission from everyone who has ownership to add your music to a library. Skip to content. Sign up. These companies have direct relationships with music supervisors and can potentially land you larger placements in television, movies and major advertisements. Some library companies focus more on trendy “hipster” music. What is sync licensing? Well, we want to hear from you, too. Indie Musicians: Top 21 Music Licensing Companies Posted on October 14, 2010 October 13, 2020 Author Marion Isobel Comments(5) There are many legal requirements you should comply if you want to have a career in music: you need legal permission if you want to cover songs , you need to trademark your band name if you don’t want another band to use it, your performance contract, and … Each website has a different vibe that appeals to different types of users. Explore our dynamic catalog and license some of the most innovative and relevant music for your project in a matter of seconds. You just have to be persistent and keep submitting to different companies. On top of that, licensing your music is a great way to make some extra revenue. Here are some micro-sync companies you can check out to get started. We have relationships with a wide network of music supervisors in the UK, Hollywood and beyond, including Netflix, VICE, Universal Pictures, FOX, Hulu, Playstation and … If it is a collaboration, are the percentages of ownership equal among the collaborators? To put it simply, there can be an up front payment, a royalty payment or a combination of the two. Not only will have get a ton of high quality and high paying music licensing opportunities, but they can also handle the digital distribution of your music. I release music as an artist and feature other artists that sing on the songs. The master represents the recording of a song. It’s usually not worth it to the company to add an artist with only a couple of songs. Royalty-free means that the artist doesn’t get any payment after the initial usage fee. It can be difficult to get a deal with a company like this. BeatPick is a music licensing website that has a wide reach for potential buyers for your music. Everyone hears about sync licensing as a lucrative way to make money as an artist, but it seems to be mysterious to many how to go about getting started. There are a lot of variables that are involved depending on the usage of the music. Here’s an overview for artists, composers, advertisers, and everybody in between. It can be difficult to get a deal with a company like this. A sync license gives someone permission to synchronize your music with some kind of visual medium like TV shows, advertisements, movies, or video games. And, it’s becoming increasingly popular and profitable. I think micro-sync companies are the best place to start. Top 50 Cinematic Sample Packs for Sync Licensing. I’ve found most of the online micro-sync companies to be non-exclusive, meaning that you can also submit your music to other competing companies. Songtradr Pro gives artists and bands 3000 credits that they can use for sync licensing opportunities hosted through their platform. Music placement, sync, supervision, publishing and playlist services for film, TV, commercials, games, virals and tailored in-store playlists. A lot of my instrumental versions have gotten more downloads than the versions that feature singers. I’ve found my streaming plays to increase significantly on the songs that get used on Artlist. You could sign an exclusive deal with a company that doesn’t get you any royalties, and then you’re stuck for the duration of the contract. We rep over 55,000 titles by a wide variety of artists. Those platforms focus on the hits of today (and yesterday) because they’re focused on traffic volume and engagement. Audisocket have a catalog that is larger than other similar companies. Possible discounts on […], Have an instrumental version of your songs available. And to offer not just distribution, but ‘label services’ for their top-line artists. With so… Read More. That’s because there are more commercials, TV shows, films, and video games being made today than ever before. This may end up being a good deal, but be sure to do a lot of research on the company and get to know them. For artists that have a unique sound (and an original thought), I think these libraries are usually a better fit. Sometimes having an instrumental under the dialog of a scene makes it easier to hear the dialog. At a recent look, they have over 300 artists that currently have their music on this site and … The company that I have had the most success with is Did you hire a producer to produce your music with a work-for-hire agreement where they can claim no ownership? These placements are usually more difficult to land. by Marc; July 6, 2020; 285 views; Producing music for sync licensing is a well-known high paying source of income for independent musicians. Sometimes new companies even contact me after they find my music on Artlist. Bre Larson who […]. Like I mentioned above, a 50/50 pay split is pretty typical. Most of all, it’s important to know who owns your recordings. Some companies offer an exclusive contract for a higher royalty. The type of license sold are called ‘sync licenses’ which relate specifically to the usage (or ‘synchronization’) of the music within all forms of media production. Synch Express – Universal subsidiary. Anytime someone uses music for these, they must have a license from whomever owns the recording. If I was pursuing an artist career, I could market to these listeners and capitalize on the audience. Third Side Music is a 100% independently owned music publisher based in Los Angeles & Montreal with worldwide reach. When in the post process the audio editor has more to work with if there is an instrumental version of the song. These websites are attractive to video production companies that do small budget productions and people that create videos for their own businesses or hobbies (bloggers, Youtube creators, etc.) I’ve had some success in the last few years on a micro sync licensing website called, which led to a bigger placement that I got last year on an HBO show. Meshach Media licenses music to all areas of media, including Television, Film, Video Games and more, worldwide.

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