Complete, integrated hardware and software solutions for the Embedded World

Techsol is an innovative company, always looking for the next emerging market – the next step in embedded systems, wireless and display technologies

ARM processor experience

ARM Application Processors

Texas Instruments Cortex A
NXP (FreeScale) ARM-926ejs (i.MX23/28),  & Cortex A (i.MX6)
Samsung ARM-920t (s3c2410)
Hyundai/Hynix ARM-7tdmi
Cirrus Logic ARM-720T: epm7212/7312

ARM Control Processors

NXP i.MX-RT1050, RT1010 Cypress PSOC Cortex M0+, M3
ST-Micro Cortex M3 (STM32F)
Aeroflex ARM-7tdmi
Atmel ARM-7tdmi
Texas Instruments Cortex M (Stellaris)

Other processors

i8086, Z80, i8088, V20, 64180, V35, uPD78C10, i186, Power PC

​​Linux OS

Kernel Messaging (dbus) Drivers, Audio, Power Management, Displays, Sun JAVA, IBM J9 JAVA, Python, GUIs


Wired: Ethernet, I2C, Serial UART, USB, RS-485 (Mod bus)
Wireless: BlueTooth, Cellular, IrDA, Thread, Wifi, ZigBee


Wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Cell data, Cloud Systems

Display SW and GUIs

FLTK GTK Qt Py-GTK Java.AWT Android

​​Display technologies

Character LCDs
Cabled: DVI, LVDS, VGA/SVGA, video
Graphic LCD: STN, CSTN, TFT color
OLED: Passive, AM-OLED


CFL and LED Backlights and custom inverters for both technologies

Touch technologies

Resistive 4-wire touch,
CAPacitive surface touch,
P-CAP projected CAP touch

Terminal SW

Citrix terminal
Windows RDP client
Unix X.11 and VNC

Compliance experience

Assorted military standards

Hardware design and development tools  

Schematic design CADD: Orcad, PADs Logic, Protel, Mentor Expedition, Altium Designer
PCB design CADD: PADs, Protel, Ki-Cad, Expedition,
Mechanical design CADD: FreeCAD, SolidWorks