FRRC& will launch the “Mark 2” version of their Rugged Computer very soon

Brian Empey/ May 7, 2019/ Uncategorised/ 0 comments

While their Rugged Mobile Computer platform has been praised as “technically brilliant” we needed to revisit component choices, related to production costs. Clients loved the concept, but not the 1,000 unit MOQ (minimum order quantity). Unfortunately, efficient production at Q=1k was part of the original Requirements Spec from FRRC&T.

So, we went back to the drawing board, and re-designed the electronics inside with an aim to deliver product affordably in smaller order quantities of 100, or even less.  That impacted dozens of the components used.

You won’t see any differences from the outside. However, the unit is completely different on the inside, from the display at the front to the power-supply board and battery packs in the rear, and all the circuit boards in between.

Technically, its the same great product.  But offered on “friendlier business terms”.  Hopefully, this “minor pivot” will help accelerate the success of Fraser River Rugged Computers & Tech.

Techsol Engineering is proud to be the official product design partner for FRRC&T.

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